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3 Week Bible Study Lesson: 

Week#1 Faith Confession: I am preparing myself for the unexpected, and I confess that I am not afraid of the unexpected.

  • We are committing ourselves to......... Developing consistency Building ourselves up spiritually through studying the word, prayer, and fasting. Letting go and letting God. Giving up our need to be in control and letting God have full control of our lives.   

Week#2 Faith Confession: I've been graced for every season, and I am trusting God for a greater measure of...........​







Closer relationship with Christ

Galatians 5:22-25

God thank you for grace through your spirit.

Week #3 Faith Confession: We don't need to compare ourselves to others; this is a personal walk with Christ.

  • We learned from the devotional, not only did God pay the price for us to come to him and have a relationship with him but we also don't have to clean ourselves up 1st because He's already paid the price.

  • We thank God that He doesn't expect so much from us that we don't have it to give; He has equipped us with what and who we need to make it through.

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